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Like any trade, you will need a few tools in order to be a successful Web developer. Here’s what you’ll need.

  • A computer. If you are reading this, you already have one. If you are serious about “this whole Web design thing” you’ll probably need a better one. This will also help... Web development is not a processor intensive trade like print design or movie editting, but having a "fast" computer will make your life a whole lot easier. If you are a contractor, maybe you can even write it off on your taxes?

  • An Internet connection. If you are reading this, you have one.

  • A good graphics program. Use Fireworks, it’s the best. You will probably also eventually need to familiarize yourself with Illustrator and Photoshop as well, but this can wait. (Dear Photoshop lovers. If one is just getting started, Photoshop is NOT the best app for the job. It is the industry standard for photographs because it was designed for this. Fireworks is better on so many levels for Web graphics.)

  • A text editor. You will spend most of your time here. For PC, use Notepad++ and it's free!.

  • An FTP Program. I use the free Filezilla for PC.

  • A variety of Web browsers. On PC get IE, FireFox and Safari. You will be checking all of your sites in all of these. Make FireFox your default browser, use it for everything. If a site doesn’t work in it, complain to the site admin and don’t go back..

  • The Web Developer Toolbar and Firebug addons. Two extremely useful tools that will help you debug your code and explore other people’s code.

  • A Web Host. Use Hostmonster, they are the best value by a longshot. Their phone support is excellent and always friendly and right on the money!
  • In Summary.
    This website is designed to help. If you think of a way it could help you better/more, let us know on our contact page. Maybe we'll even put your comments up on the site!

    Good luck and check back soon!