"Before you begin the work of actually designing a Web site, you need to engage in a necessary planning process in which you develop design strategies, and structure and organize the site's content. As part of this process research is required of similar sites, The Website Proposal."

"As part of the proposal, a site anaysis/comparison chart is drawn up to show you, the customer, the advantages and disadvantages of your competitions site. And how you can benefit from them."

"Following the website analysis/comparison chart we draw up a site map letting the customer know fundamentally how the site will work, how many pages it will contain, and the general layout. "

"Following the site map, we prepare a moodboard or two, to establish the overall feel for the site"

"Once this entire process has been completed, and the content of the site is in the web designers hands, then we will make a mockup called a wireframe. The wireframe document is sent to the customer for approval. The layout of the various graphic elements and there placement on the site is achieved"

"Following the approval of the wireframe, (image below)the site is built to completion. The site is reviewed by our copywriter and then the finished site is put on the web, and the link is sent to the customer. "

"The final step is to launch the site under the customers url (Web Address)"

Click Here to link to the finished Sample site!

We hope you enjoyed our presentation, and we hope you have a clearer understanding of what goes into building a professional website before even a single line of code is written. That's the fun part! lol,Walter

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